The Future
Kirk Roberts
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Where are we headed?

The future of Construction is both exciting and worrying for the professionals involved. Old practices that are not digital made certain people indispensable. Digital processes make detail indispensable and trackable. The next great evolution is occurring right now.

Part of this future is BIM. BIM is an international movement that and in some cases is driven by political interests in the desire to reduce the costs of construction.

Imagine that the architects drawings have their data linking to the quantity surveying (for pricing and purchase planning) that also link to the Project Management (for construction and labour planning) that are linked to the suppliers price file (for changes and ordering). So any one change that is made effects the information all others have and creates a seamless transition and the elimination of errors.

This is BIM. What some refer to as 6D modelling.

1. 2D design
2. Specification
3. 3D visualisation
4. Pricing
5. Construction Planning
6. Lifetime Management (building service and usage costs planned for the life of the building, right through to the day it is too old and it has to be demolished)

This is not just a concept. In major projects this is a requirement right now and is being undertaken. Many of the larger firms have BIM teams in place mastering this process.

What Craig has identified is that this process will shortly be in place for residential builders. He has already initiated 4 x stages of that process into his own methods that have already proven themselves to be highly valuable.

Residential build efficiencies have been increased by at least 20%

Commercial and shop fit-out work has improved by greater than 30%

As and when the allied suppliers that Craig works with improve their technology, Craig will be at the forefront of even greater results. So you can be sure that in doing business with Craig you are building a relationship with the Builder you will use over and over again.